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Irish Scientists

The following is a list of Irish scientists whose work changed the world profoundly. To find out more about them in Irish, please log onto www.science.ie

1) George Boole (1815-1846) This man developed an algebra for logical operations which is fundamental to computer programming.

2) G. F. Fitzgerald. (1855-1901) A physicist whose 'Fitzgerald Contraction' inspired Einstein.

3) William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865). Hamilton's calculations are still used in Quantum mechanical operations.

4) Katherine Lonsdale (1903-1971). She did ground-breaking molecular research which helped medical research.

5) Ernest Walton (1903-1995). Split the atom, and won the Noble Prize in 1951.

6) Jocelyn Kelly (1943 -). She was the first scientist to detect a pulsar in space, thus proving Einstein's theory of general relativity.

7) George Stokes (1819-1903). His work on airflow is still a key to an understanding of meteorology

8) Charles Parsons (1854-1931). Invented the steam turbine. (His father built the great telescope at Birr).

9) Dennis Burkitt (1911-1993) This doctor was the first to prove a link between viruses and cancer.

10) John Bell (1928-1990). His work on Quantum Physics is hotly debated.

By Christy Evans.